Thursday, March 29, 2012

515,520…more chances.

That is the number of births EVERY DAY in the world.
This number  amazes me.
How can that be???
Yesterday,  I was PART of 1 of those 515,520 journeys.
Just one SMALL part of ONE story.
Just 1 SMALL piece of one HUGE experience.
I imagine that it starts the same way ….
It is just another day…and then something happens to MORPH a normal day  into something HOLY.
Just a regular ole’ day…until GOD decides that the world is READY.
Ready for one more small soul.
One more “chance”.
One more “try”.
One more OPPORTUNITY to get it a little closer to “better” than it was before.
THAT was what happened yesterday.
I got to be a part of ONE MORE awesome homebirth.
I was soooooo BLESSED to be able to see a child come into this crazy, broken world.
A world where evil often conquers good, LIFE isn’t always fair, and BLESSINGS don’t always come easy.
A world that doesn't DESERVE any more chances…GOT 1.
It got one more chance.
One more chance to HEAL.
One more chance to LOVE.
One more chance to CHANGE.
One more chance…
It was an HONOR and a privilege to be a part of such a special day.
The strength of a woman NEVER ceases to amaze me.
Give thanks TODAY for 515,520 more CHANCES.

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