Thursday, November 29, 2007


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Ok...some days Im not so nice.
Some days we skip school. (Thank goodness for LEAPSTERS)
I consider it a small price to pay.
We ALL pay our dues one way or another....
Tommorow is a NEW day!!!
I have to just let it go.
I consider it an excercise in patience, LOVE, and listening to GOD.
When he says take a break ...I have learned to LISTEN!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a DAY!!!!!

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Well...I have spent alot of time lately saying how much Zeek DOES NOT wat to read.

Then ...Out of NOWHERE...Zeek starting ASKING to read his books!!!

A M A Z I N G!!!!! Let me SPELL it again...A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!

Usually, when he asks to read...WE STOP EVEYTHING ELSE and READ!!!!!

He picks out his book and sits at the table and just reads and reads...

I have been standing by with High-5's ready...

GO ZEEK!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

The price of a moment of silence.....

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This is what happens when Sheba finds 5 minutes of "FREE" time!!!
I was doing some schoolwork with the other kids and suddenly realized that I didnt hear Sheba....
So I stopped and RAN to find her!!!
She was quietly sitting in the bathroom.....
LIKE THIS!!!!!!!
Then,(without even thinking about what would happen in tne next 2 MINUTES) I went to get my camera!!!
She was sooooo proud to be able to show off her "work"....What a MESSY little angel!!!!
Go Sheba-Weba!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pow-Wow Festivities!!!

What a great weekend we had!!
We had a great party and had sooooo many friends and family here.
About 25-30 kids and about 40-50 Adults!!!!!!
So many that at one point our friend Mitch said, "Were 25 minutes from LORD OF THE FLIES!!!"
Soooo True...It did feel like we were on the verge of being taken over by all these LITTLE BRAVES!!!!
But thankfully....It never happened.
We had face paint and crafts for the kids
We had plenty of food to eat and great bonfire...not to mention, all the LOVE that you could take in.
Then....The next morning, we woke up and ate breakfast and made another fire.
The kids PLAYED and PLAYED!!!
At about 1 PM the next day...we saw the last of our friends head home.
I know in my heart that these get-togethers bring us all CLOSER TOGETHER and have a healing effect on all those that come TOGETHER in the yard.
What a great weekend!!!
Memories that will last forever.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Native American November

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This is the chart we have posted in the kitchen that describes different Indian Tribes and their, environment, food, clothing, and crafts.
The kids love filling out what they learned that day..

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Shasha LOVES learning all about the indians...
We just learned about Pocahontas...She loves stories about ANY kind of princess!!!
Well keep you posted on the rest of our crafts this November.

Super Shasha!!!

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After Shashas last soccer game on Sat...The whole team went to CiCi's Pizza and had a party!!!
Her coaches(Uncle Jeff and Coach Lyons) presented each of them with a GREAT trophy!!!
I guess she could get the award for the most FALLS and time on the sidelines!!!
We love you Shasha...GREAT SEASON!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

He's Home....Ahhhhh.

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Jay got home from 4 days in North Carolina w/ Scholars Word.
Its funny that after 9 years that I still find myself waiting at the door for him.
Just waiting on the smell of him.
Were soooo Happy he's home safely.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Were growing MOLD!!!!

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Well were doing a science experiment on MOLD!!!!
We started by getting some food that would MOLD.

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We discussed what food would mold easily.
We chose bread, squash, and bananas.
The kids dipped the food in a cup of water and put them in a jar and sealed it up.

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Then we made signs so that no one would touch or move them.
If you know Jay...we have to do this, or we would NEVER actually SEE the mold...He would have already have thrown them away.

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The kids really liked doing this...We will keep you updeated with the "MOLD TERRERIUM"
I LOVE these Science Experiments!!!!


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Sometimes when Jay is out of town I am tested the most.
I get it.
I understand why.
I guess I should be used to it.
And usually I have to REALLY reach for patience and perspective.
It is just a 24 hour NON-STOP task with 4 all by myself.
But at the end of the day...every night, it seems to fall into place.
Thats when I usually have a chance to lay my burdens down.
Thats when I have a chance to lay and pray about the things that were hard for me that day.
Thats when I can reflect on the day and am usually full of regret about how I handled this or that.
But that is when God speaks to me.....Or thats when I listen.
Thats when He uses the reflection to teach me about tommorow.
Thats when He usually opens my heart to His voice.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shashamanes' 5th Birthday!!!!!

Today we had a great day!!!
Shashamane was sooo excited when she woke up and it was FINALLY her birthday!!!!
She had been waiting on it for weeks.
We started off the day with Strawberry POP-TARTS!
Then Shasha opened her presents.
We got her a tiara, play shoes, a princess blanket, princess crafts, and her FAVORITE...An easy-bake oven!!!
Then I spent the morning saying, "Not Yet!!!" whenever she asked, "Can we do the easy-bake oven?"
And as soon as Sheba fell asleep for her nap...IT WAS ON!!!!!
We set everything up and decided to cook the oreo cake first..So Cute!
She INSISTED on doing EVERYTHING herself.
Then - for the next 2 1/2 hours we made beautiful cakes with creamy icing decorated with sprinkles.
Then we did all the princess crafts we had available.
She decided she wanted to cook veggie-dogs and "smores" by the fire, so we went to the store to get supplies!
We came home and rode bikes for an hour before Dad got here.
FYI: Shasha brought her bike home and REFUSED to ride it with the training wheels.
So Jay took them off and shes been practicing ever since!!!
Then Daddy got home and we built a fire...We sat by the fire and cooked veggie dogs and made our marshmellow-less "smores".
What a blessing this child is...Last night as we celebrated, we counted our blessings.
What a sweet day we had ...Perfect for the little princess!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!!!!!!

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It has been raining for what seems like months.

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We have been inside for what seems like YEARS.

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So one day we had HAD ENOUGH!!! Dad came home and told them to go PLAY!!!

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Soon, these creative kids found a place for some ORIGINAL art!!!

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And what BEAUTIFUL art it was!!!!!

Native American November

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Well...It is November.
This month we are focusing on the Native Americans.
We are studying the 5 tribes native to America.
We will study what they ate, where and how they lived.
We are having a Pow-Wow on Nov. 17.....with Native American games and crafts.
We will also be making an Indian Longhouse made of graham crackers and other edible stuff...(think gingerbread house).
So...if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, let us know.
We will keep you updated with pics and posts.