Thursday, November 1, 2007

Native American November

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Well...It is November.
This month we are focusing on the Native Americans.
We are studying the 5 tribes native to America.
We will study what they ate, where and how they lived.
We are having a Pow-Wow on Nov. 17.....with Native American games and crafts.
We will also be making an Indian Longhouse made of graham crackers and other edible stuff...(think gingerbread house).
So...if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, let us know.
We will keep you updated with pics and posts.

1 comment:

Suzette said...

For your Indian longhouse, you could use icing for the glue to hold the graham crackers together. Licorice rope could be used for ropes or branches. Pretzel sticks are great for fences or gates and the thick ones for tree trunks or the tripod to hold the pots over the fire.
Sounds like fun! I wish I was there to help with this. Please take a picture!