Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shashamanes' 5th Birthday!!!!!

Today we had a great day!!!
Shashamane was sooo excited when she woke up and it was FINALLY her birthday!!!!
She had been waiting on it for weeks.
We started off the day with Strawberry POP-TARTS!
Then Shasha opened her presents.
We got her a tiara, play shoes, a princess blanket, princess crafts, and her FAVORITE...An easy-bake oven!!!
Then I spent the morning saying, "Not Yet!!!" whenever she asked, "Can we do the easy-bake oven?"
And as soon as Sheba fell asleep for her nap...IT WAS ON!!!!!
We set everything up and decided to cook the oreo cake first..So Cute!
She INSISTED on doing EVERYTHING herself.
Then - for the next 2 1/2 hours we made beautiful cakes with creamy icing decorated with sprinkles.
Then we did all the princess crafts we had available.
She decided she wanted to cook veggie-dogs and "smores" by the fire, so we went to the store to get supplies!
We came home and rode bikes for an hour before Dad got here.
FYI: Shasha brought her bike home and REFUSED to ride it with the training wheels.
So Jay took them off and shes been practicing ever since!!!
Then Daddy got home and we built a fire...We sat by the fire and cooked veggie dogs and made our marshmellow-less "smores".
What a blessing this child is...Last night as we celebrated, we counted our blessings.
What a sweet day we had ...Perfect for the little princess!!!

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Katie said...

Happy Birthday Shasha! Looks like she a wonderful and blessed bday! She is quite the little cook and so independent!