Sunday, August 9, 2009

The "treasure" of LOVE.....

Treasure hunting????

In St. Augustine????

Thats what they told us.

Pawpaw and Mimi Suzy, that is.

Its called "Goecaching".

And all the rage, all over the world!!!!!

Who knew?????

Grandparents...that who!

Heres EXACTLY what it is:
Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called "geocaches" or "caches") anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container (usually a tupperware or ammo box) containing a logbook. Larger containers can also contain items for trading, usually toys or trinkets of little value. Geocaching is most often described as a "game of high-tech hide and seek", sharing many aspects with orienteering, treasure-hunting, and waymarking.

Geocaches are currently placed in over 100 countries around the world and on all seven continents, including Antarctica.[1] There are over 865,000 active geocaches in the world right now.[2]

Pawpaw and Mimi Suzy were the last of the family to visit.

We were really excited to see them after about 7 months.

They had been telling me about Geocaching for about the last 3 or 4 months and it seemed pretty cool.

I KNEW the kids would LOVE it!!

A modern day TREASURE HUNT!!!

They were RIGHT, after Pawpaw gave a short "lesson" on a GPS and how it worked, the rules, and how it was SECRET(as if w/ 4 kids! LOL)...we were off.

The clues for the first CACHE were was CLOSE, about 150 feet from our front door actually!!!

It was so fun watching the kids get so into it...And-I have to admit-It WAS FUN!!!!!

I couldnt belive all this treasure hunting was going on- RIGHT BENEATH OUR NOSES!!!!

As Erykah Badu would say, "Im an Anolog girl in a digital world!"

I had NO idea!!!!

We looked for treasure:
(Typical cache treasures are not high in monetary value but may hold personal value to the finder. Aside from the logbook, common cache contents are unusual coins or currency, small toys, ornamental buttons, CDs, or books. Also common are objects that are moved from cache to cache called "hitchhikers", such as Travel Bugs or Geocoins, whose travels may be logged and followed online.)


In total I think we found 7...ALL OVER St. Augustine!!

They were everywhere from hidden in the bushes to under benches!

We learned about the site that it was hidden in each time!!!!


And the kids really loved spending the time with Pawpaw and Mimi Suzy.

While they were in town we also had MANY other adventures including:
The movies- "G-force 3d"!!!!
sharktooth hunting in Vilano
ice cream
gourmet cupcake shop
siteseeing downtown
ghost tour(adults only)
homeschool meeting
dinner at Fridays
beach with friends
playing a 2 hour game of UNO-attack!
and MANY MORE...
ALL THE WHILE...searching for treasure!!!

It was great!!!

Although I have to say that the biggest "treasure" we found was LOVE, LAUGHTER, and MEMORIES that we made!!!!

Those things you just cant put in a "cache".


Mimi Suzy and Pawpaw said...

I'm crying just watching all the priceless memories we made and reading your blog--you are such a great writer! We just logged in the Travel Bug we found with the kids. Next week we will go out and hide it in a Houston cache! What fun we had and I love the fact that we made lasting memories--they are the REAL treasure!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such fun. Treasure hunting with family. AND ghost hunting. In an old city like that, there must be lots of places to look.
Glad you all had a great time.
Love, Mema