Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Proof Positive..........

How in the world has it been 11 years????

It seems like yesterday and forever ago at the same time.

11 years ago today we went from JUST THE 2 of family.
I had no idea what an IMPACT you would have in my life.
We were all babies then....
We were all fresh to our new lives.
It was the begenning of OUR new life as a family.
We had been thru a FIRE to be together and YOU were the prize.
YOU were my PROOF....a manifestation of GOD'S LOVE for me.
I remember thinking that I COULD NOT BELIEVE they were going to just
leave with you.

I knew NOTHING about being a Mother.
I was broken, flawed, and rebelious.
How could I deserve YOU???

How could I be WORTHY of you???
I had no idea that it was all inside me.
You have been one of the most influencial people in my life.
I have learned sooo much from you in the last 11 years.
You have taught me to be honest, caring, and sympathetic.

You amaze me more and more everyday.
I am sooo proud of the person you ahve become.
Thru you, I learn more and more about myself everyday.
I love to see you care for and love your brother and sisters.
You are a GOLDEN example of a good brother and thoughtful leader.

Thru you I SEE God.

Thank you for being you.
THANK GOD for trusting us enough to give us something

You are a TRUE blessing, son.

We love you FOREVER and ALWAYS.

Happy 11th Birthday, Ezekiel!!!


turtle said...

birthday blessings child of light
yes god shines thru u bright
you are blessed

keep guiding all to live and love with your gentle wisdom and caring heart!

big hugs
blessed one!
Jah guide!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFULLY SAID, JANA! Yes, we learn so much from our children and we NEVER stop learning if we are open to change and seeing the beauty of life unfolding before us. I do not need to tell you to SAVOR every document your joy and your feelings so beautifully! What a lovely gift to your family!
Everyone wants to know they are loved, that they "matter"....There is no doubt about that! EZEKIEL IS A WONDERFUL AND KIND PERSON. Love and Blessings today and every day, Mimi (Linda Hadden)

Dad said...

I love you