Sunday, October 2, 2011

Science Schmience..........

In this world we have to constantly be on guard.
Always on the lookout for what "the world" tries to FUSE into our minds.
We have to be aware and conscious of it..or it WILL SEEP in.
Like a thief in the thought CAN be stolen.
You can be a victim.

For me, it has became a way of life.

Today on the discovery channel, I came across a show on Atlantis.
Of was from a science point of view.

Whatever...I can get thru that. I can get thru the whole, "millions and millions of years ago" thing.
We all have different opinions on THAT.
But...I have a problem when they start to SPECULATE as if it were true. the Atlantis show I heard them say, "People were forced to make LIFE AND DEATH decisions."
And they showed a scene of a family where the husband was putting his wife in a boat to set sail because of the disaster.With ALOT of DRAMA!!!
Yes...they probably did have to make decisions....which would have been fine if that is all they SAID.
But to SHOW a family and show CONVERSATIONS between a husband and wife???
CREATE or MAKE UP a scene JUST to create more DRAMA???
Do we need THAT?
Do we need to veer SO FAR from the TRUTH that we have to MAKE UP scenarios???
Like the TRUTH isn't DRAMA enough?
Give thanks for MY 7 SEALS being broken.
Give thanks that I CAN SEE the truth and don't have to PRETEND some SAD, HORRIFYING situation to FEEL something.
Guard your THOUGHTS.

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