Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Release them…..


Tuesdays are a double edged sword for me this year.

I LOVE Tuesday because we have NO AFTER SCHOOL activities.


Daddy doesn’t have to be on the pirate ship till 2 sometimes 6!!!!

And as you can imagine…..

homeschooling with Dad home is NOT EASY.

Well…I take that back.

If dad is home with the intention of HELPING homeschool…we do GREAT. It is always a BLESSING to have a substitute teacher for a minute.  Sometimes I just need a minute to submerge myself in something other than 4 kids doing language arts…AT THE SAME TIME.

On the other hand…..

if dad is doing ANYTHING other than actively helping us with school- they are like caged animals. CLAWING, SCREAMING, BEGGING to get out of that schoolroom and be with HIM.

And yesterday…he was in the yard, doing yard work.

It was too much.

Between my PMS and their total UNCOOPERATION..

I was over it at about 10:30.

I was DONE arguing with MYSELF about how the kids NEEDED to do their schoolwork.

They NEEDED to finish their worksheets.

They NEEDED to READ in our SCIENCE book.LOL

Whatever….I was DONE. I let them go.

I opened the door and they FLEW from the schoolroom all fighting for the lead.

I decided that I would go run errands ..



But before I did that I was cleaning up outside on the front porch and I noticed something moving in our “lizard habitat”(which is really just an old pickle jar where we put the lizard eggs we find ).

It was a baby lizard.

Like just hatched baby.

Maybe an inch long….It reminded me of the kids a moment earlier BEGGING to get out.

So I called the kids over and showed them the baby.

We open the jar and let the baby go. That is when we noticed the other egg.  Sheba asked me if she could see the other egg for just a moment.

So I gently placed the tiny egg in her tiny hand.

We were all standing there talking about the egg and something amazing happened….

It hatched.

Like, popped his head out and HATCHED right there in Sheba's hand …WHILE WE WERE WATCHING!!!!

It was the most amazing thing.lizard

What a perfect reminder that sometimes…

More can be learned OUTSIDE the classroom then INSIDE the classroom.

If you are willing to LET GO. RELAX. and RELEASE THEM.


Dad said...

I love you

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