Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday Baby!


Thru the water you appeared to me.

6 years ago today.

6 years of love and joy you have given us.

You are a child of God with the fiery spirit.

You stand up for yourself ..ALWAYS.

But …you are also ALWAYS willing to HELP.

Courageous, loving, and giving…you are my HEART.

I will love you always baby girl.

May you have a life FULL of laughter and trials.

May you make mistakes..and learn from them all, sometimes learning  from SOMEONE ELSE.

I promise you:

I will stand beside you…no matter what.

I will love and protect you…for eternity.

I will guide you the best I can..and I will try and make you proud.

We love you forever and always, baby girl.

HAPPY Birthday!!!!

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Dad said...

Sweet girl