Sunday, September 18, 2011


“But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.
For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?” Isaiah 43:18-19

My dad used to say, ”I want to put BRICK on your head so you will stop growing.”

THAT is a statement ONLY understood by someone WAIST DEEP in  a life FILLED with children.

A life SUBMERGED in flag football, ballet, band-aids, mac-n-cheese, chapter books, trampolines, clubhouses, and GROWTH.

It can ONLY be understood by a parent as they see their kids MORPH before their eyes.

It is sometimes PHYSICALLY painful for me to think of the future.

I want it to STOP. NOW.

I want to put the “brick” on my childrens head.

I want them to STOP.

Stop growing.

Stop changing.

Stop morphing.


just like my parents were forced to do….

I am FORCED to watch as my babies change.

I am FORCED to come to terms….




I cannot stop this force.

It is predetermined and ancient.

As long as there have been children…I am sure that their parents have been thru this.







But…it  is REAL and it is HAPPENING.


So…I am TRYING to come to terms with it.

I know that GOD has a plan….no matter how much I want to THINK I am in control. I am not.


Before shot of my baby. She went to the dentist to get her SPACER removed, that she had put in bcs she fell and knocked out her front tooth.  She has had it in for 2 years…to keep the teeth in place till the big teeth started coming in.


After shot: Her OLD “teeth” gone…and the NEW TEETH revealed underneath.



Morphing in front of my eyes.

The TRUTH cannot be denied.

It is happening.


Anonymous said...

Poor Jana, yes, welcome to the realization that your babies will grow up. It's not an easy path, but one that every parent walks and sometimes wishes that they could retreat back to the past. But take heart with every new phase of life comes discovery, adventure, and the rewards of witnessing the fruits of your labors in the wonderful people these 'babies' will become. Tim will be 30 years old in January. I can't believe that I held him in my arms so long ago. Thank goodness that God has blessed me with some amazing grandchildren so my arms will never be empty!! Blessings to you and yours, you and J are doing a great job with those kiddos.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes.....I remember those feelings well. But as the journey continues I am so grateful that I am still around to see it all "go round" again....watching you all of you as parents, soccer moms and coaches, teachers, taxi drivers! Been there and it was fun and busy and precious....sometimes crazy!! Seeing our grandchildren grow up is a joy and a blessing, FOR SURE!
LOVE YOU , Mimi (Linda Hadden)

Dad said...

I love you