Friday, September 2, 2011

A moment…..

There are moment in life that literally take my breathe away.

Moments when I feel like I couldn’t LOVE more.

Today I had one of those precious moments.

I stopped in the dance studio to check on Shasha and Sheba.

On Thursdays I drop  BOTH of them off at 4pm..because Sheba has Tap/Jazz at that time. Shasha has started just going to the studio with her sister because she LIKES to.

Last year I gve her the job of watching over her sister and making sure she got into her classes.


It has been a weird transition for ME over the last year.

The kids are starting to “venture off” into their lives.

Zeek gets dropped off at the library sometimes for GAME DAY or Shasha gets dropped off at the studio.

Its new to me….I struggle with it, because I’m so used to being around them.

I am used to being ATTACHED to them. I spend every waking hour they have WITH THEM….so- as we have entered into this new part of life…

I struggle.

Sometimes I drive away and wonder, “Are they going to be good? Have I taught them enough to be LEFT in a space where they can BE???Will they SHINE or STUMBLE?”

Well, today….

Shasha SHINED.

When I popped in to see her Modern class…I was amazed at how GREAT she was at this style of dance.

I’m not gonna lie….I was SWOLLEN with pride. She might as well have won the NOBEL PRIZE. I was stoked.

Then when class was over she RAN over to me BEAMING.

She was so happy because one of her teachers had asked her to be an assistant to one of the younger classes.

She will actuallybe helping with SHEBAS tap/jazz class.


It was such a moment for us.

I  leaned down to whisper in her ear…"I am sooo proud of you. You must have been acting pretty good here at the studio for them to ask you that.”

I was fighting tears….OMG.

I will never forget the look on her face after I whispered in her ear.

She was PROUD of herself….she felt PRIDE.









David Montgomery software said...

Rasta Family... I stumbled on youtr blog by clicking on the Next Blog>> link. I must say your blog site reached out and grabbed me. I found myself reading your posts for quire awhile. You family just looks neat and your Christian faith is very nicely and refreshingly on display. If you are not writing professionally then you should consider it. Thanks for a great read!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you...Jana

Dad said...


Mom said...

Sweetie you are a wonderful MOM.