Saturday, September 10, 2011

T- minus 2 days….

“You haven’t STARTED school yet???'”

“WOW!!! You REALLY haven’t started school yet?”

Once September hits….these questions are all we hear.

I understand it is USUALLY out of concern…

BUT, sometimes-

it’s judgmental.

People think that my kids aren’t getting a “good education” because their school year doesn't start until mid-September.

They think that my kids won’t be as SOCIALIZED…because this year we went on a last minute vacation…instead of staying home to start school.

I personally LOVE to see the look on a persons face as we walk into a store at 2pm on a Wednesday.

I love to see the “concern” on their faces…it is like my own personal joke.

Because I GUARANTEE…they will be thinking about US and our REBEL WAYS long after we have left the store and moved onto our next “educational experience”.

Maybe it is because I am rebellious at heart…

Maybe it is because I have learned to not care about what other people think….

Maybe it is because I KNOW they are LEARNING….even when they are not….at a desk.

But…just in case anyone was wondering…

we start school on MONDAY.



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Aren't you proud of me for not "asking" LOL