Wednesday, September 14, 2011



I LOVE it when a situation comes along and presents itself that is a COMPLETELY usable, teachable  life lesson.

I got an invite the other day to a “clothing swap”.

The first thing I thought was …I want to bring the girls.

It was an amazing idea that I thought would be something that just might help mold  my daughters minds into the virtuous women I am TRYING to train them to be.

It goes like this:

Step 1:clean out your closet of  anything that you don’t wear, don’t want or can’t use.

Step 2: Load ALL that GLORIOUS “trash” into your car and drive it  to a friends house…along with a dish, if you PARTY like we do- WITH FOOD!!!

Step 3: LUG all that stuff  from your car to the door of your friends house.YES…ALL 10 BAGS .(Preferably without dropping EVERYTHING you have on the ground when the bag rips…but, ya know…THAT is how we roll.)

ON THE WAY TO Step 3 : STOP in the middle of the street to have your DAUGHTER take a picture of you.  “bag lady”  by Eryka Badu is one of  your FAVORITE songs. LOL


Step 4: Pick a spot in the living room of  your friend's house and let the FUN begin.

There were TONS of clothes and we all took turns going around and holding up or “selling” an item of clothing or two. If anyone wanted it they just say so and they get it. EASY RIGHT????

You would think…..

The REAL fun begins when 2 or more people want it. It then goes in the “fight pile” in the middle of the floor.

If no one wants it goes in the DONATE pile.

So NOONE goes BACK HOME with any of their OLD STUFF.

The girls sat there with their mouths WIDE OPEN most of the time. They were amazed. It was the perfect opportunity to show them that there are still ways to be fashionable and have cute clothes…even without ANY money.

It was a perfect way to show them that someone else's TRASH …can be YOUR treasure. THERE IS NO SHAME in being FRUGAL.

The world will try and convince you that without MONEY…you cant have cool things or fun times.

The world wants you to THINK that without MONEY ….you cant be “as cool” as the girl who DOES have money.

What a blessing it was to be able to SHOW them that what the WORLD tells you is TRUE….can be FAR from the truth..

We may not have money…but we are RICH.

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