Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LIFE Lesson # 7,623





“Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Malachi said in a voice somewhere between crying and HOWLING.

It was a “drop whatever you are doing…even if you ARE talking about something UBBER-important on the phone” type of screams.

And I get to him just in time to see him THROW the Wii remote down and melt onto the floor into a puddle.

“What happened????????” I asked.

“I have been building this character on my Wii game for DAYS and then all the sudden – It said something on the screen with YES or NO…and Ijah said push YES…So I DID and now everything is erased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Malachi said in a HORRIFIED voice.



I couldn’t believe he was blaming IJAH…who is 5 and  CAN NOT READ…for “making him” erase his guy and all the LEVELS he had previously won.

No, really…seriously?

So as he sat there and tried to compose himself, all I could think of was a saying I saw on facebook the other day…

“If ye FOLLOW ye sheep, Ye

shall step in SHIT.”

THAT is what I thought………

So we had a talk about how in life you CANNOT go around BLINDLY listening to people and then blaming them for your mistakes.  YOU are responsible for the path YOU walk…You are not a follower. YOU are a LEADER. No matter what ANYONE tells you to do…THINK FOR YOURSELF IN EVERY SITUATION.

It was a perfect example of how life can be tricky to navigate and sometimes it IS easier to listen to someone else's BAD ADVICE…but when you do that,,,,most of the time YOU suffer the consequences.

So after we had calmed down and I asked him, “ Malachi…what will you never do again???? “

His answer in a humbled voice…

”Push buttons without reading.”

Exactly son……

We don’t follow BLINDLY.

We LEAD confidently….

or we step in SHIT. LOL

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