Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who would have thought????


Who would have thought…..that watching your children grow would be so UTTERLY heart-wrenching????

Who would us have thought…..that a little girl who used to GROWL at everyone would blossom into a 9 year old that would ROCK an  AUDITION for a BALLET PRODUCTION????

Who would have thought that waiting and watching thru a glass window would make a Mom’s heart swell to the point that she just might BURST right there????

Who  would have thought that watching your daughter walk into a room and try to find "a place for herself"  among a bunch a tiny dancers would be soooo heart-stopping????

Who would have thought that the "do your best, we are proud of you for trying, no matter what we love you" speech was so TRUE???

Who would have thought that just watching her warm up would be so TEARFULLY GUT-WRENCHING???

and then

Who would have thought that when we saw her name  on  the callbacks list   for the audition....We wouldn't be surprised AT ALL.

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