Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We make plans…..God LAUGHS.


This week I had BIG PLANS.

Lots of MLK crafts and lessons, catching up on our science experiments, Read-aloud…


We we’re going to JUMP IN….hit the ground running.

Monday we had a DADDY DAY.

The kids helped Jay paint the roof and do some house chores.

LIFE SCHOOL….I can handle that.

Mondays kinda take on that vibe for us…Daddy has off from work so it usually is a day filled with “HOME classes”.

Then TUESDAY we started school all sparkles and shine.

I made a PLAN…remember?

THEN it happened…..

at about 12 noon, I started getting a SHARP pain in my pelvic area.

Long story short………

After a trip to the ER, and an ALREADY KNOWN diagnosis-

BURST Ovarian Cyst.


Sometimes my body seems at war with ITSELF.

So…needless to say…My school week has been LESS than what I had planned.

I haven’t done 1 MLK craft.

Haven’t read 1 book.

I haven’t challenged them at all….

So far it’s all Magic School Bus and Time4Learning…

Like I said……

We make plans…and GOD laughs.

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Cindy Keith said...

Give Sheba credit for veterinary knowledge! She recognized when Maxwell had to "go potty" and also got him to lay down in his bed! A natural!