Friday, February 3, 2012

THIS mission…..

“ This mission is not just a two-year stretch. This is the time when you cultivate the seeds of godhood so that you can help other people on their way toward exaltation. How small are we who think of the mission as just being a stretch of time, some physical things to do, a little studying to do, some praying. This is the most purposeful thing, perhaps, you have ever done in your life and possibly the most purposeful thing that some of you will ever do. It's up to you to let this be the prelude to your life, to let it be the beginning of a great and glorious life." ...Spencer Kimball


There are times in my life when I have been “envious ” of  missionaries. 

Envious of the adventure that comes with packing all your things and making an Exodus.

Envious of the lessons that will be learned and the adventures that will be had….while making a difference.

Envious of the third world “struggle”…

because there is something to be said for the “struggle” an American-girl feels in a third world country.  Sort of like sandpaper for your SOUL.  You come out on the other side a little “SHINIER” …a little more POLISHED. Eyes wide open, so to say.

I am THANKFUL that I  have had that experience in my life, but- in the past- as I read about Katie in Africa or  what  Heartline is doing in Haiti…I couldn’t help but LONG to do something.

Until I realized that …..NOW:

Our lives ARE  the mission.

GOD called us HOME to fulfill our mission.

It has been about 41/2 years since we returned from Costa Rica.

And NOW:

I am comfortably  “nestled into” my life in the United States.

Yet….there are times when I have felt like “We aren’t doing ENOUGH.”

And then the other day it HIT ME…

As I watched my husband at the zoo the other day with a little boy who DESPERATELY NEEDS a Father-figure IN HIS LIFE right now…it saw it- He was on a MISSION.

When the little boy trusted Jay enough to ride on his shoulders all day….Jay fulfilled PART of his mission.


And then I saw my oldest son Zeek  following in his Fathers footsteps and I knew that we were right where we were meant to be.






You see …

I have figured out that some people are CALLED  far to other countries to help…

They pack all their thing…

Trust God ..and Go.

And we LOVE them for that…we love the WORK they are doing.

I am blessed enough to know people (Heather Hendrick) in REAL LIFE who are AMAZING like that.

They go AMAZING places and do AMAZING things…..

And for the first time in my life I am not “envious”.

Because I now realize..




Terra said...

So true! God qualifies the called I've learned. And he calls everyone to do something different.

Dad said...

o o