Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the struggle

If you have kids you KNOW.

You know that as they grow they CHANGE.

And sometimes…….

things stay the same.

Sometimes you think when they are OLDER they will grow out of “this” or “that”.

And…Sometimes they do.

But- Sometimes they DON’T.

Malachi is “one of THOSE”….

when he was 2 we thought, “Oh….he will grow out of THAT.  He won’t be so emotional and crazy forever!”

Then he turned 5 .

And I remember thinking, “Oh no…he still does that.  But he is ONLY 5.  We will get it “under control” by THEN.”

Now he is 8….and he is LEARNING.

He is learning that he  has to be in CONTROL of is mouth, body, and emotions.

He is learning that being OUT OF CONTROL is not a “good look” for him.

He is learning that sometimes you don’t get what you WANT…

but you get what you need.

In his defense…

That is a hard lesson for all of us.

We all come into life with a  natural tendency to feel ENTITLED.

We all feel out of control and selfish sometimes.

Those are the things that are TRAINED OUT of us.

Those are the things that we have to FIGHT AGAINST.




Sometimes -

those are the things that are buried deep in us we ALL have in common.

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