Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Success….


You see THAT face????

It super sweet right?

YES…it is.

Sweet like: telling me 100 times a day that he loves me.

Sweet like: hugging me so tight I can’t breathe.

THAT kind of LOVING and SWEET.


there are days where this sweet face DRIVE me NUTS!!!!!

He is completely, entirely, wholly emotional.

He walks around some days juggling all his feelings, trying DESPERATELY not to “drop” them.

And some days I feel as if all I do is try and navigate his heart.

It is exhausting.

As he has grown up I have always noticed that when he ate sugar…he seemed to AMPLIFY.

By AMPLIFY, I mean….






lately we have DRASTICALLY reduced his sugar intake.

It has been AMAZING.

He has been less……


We have even had days with NO FREAKOUTS.



In my search for summer treats with LESS SUGAR, I came across a recipe for “strawberry ice cream”.


I was in!!! ….

We tweaked it a bit, so here is OURS:


frozen strawberries

organic milk


Put them in a blender..


and freeze.



And last night ….when we were going around the dinner table talking and telling our favorite parts of the day…

When it was Malachi’s turn- he said,

“My favorite part of the day was the ice cream.  And I didn't”t even freak out!!!”




Anonymous said...

It has been shown that sugar does not make children (or adults) hyperactive...but that being said, less sugar is ALWAYS a GOOD thing. Keep it up.


missy said...

It may not be a hyperactive reaction so to speak but I think a mother knows her children and certain foods do have reactions to different bodies. As long as you have found a way to make life easier that's all that matters.

dad said...

love you

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