Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In life’s “weeds”……

The “weeds”….

that’s what we call it when we get REALLY busy waiting on tables.

You know….running your ass off trying to…

please everyone at once


get everything done


not forget ONE THING.


That. is. my. life. right. now.

I've said it before … was MUCH easier when all I had to do to make someone happy was…

put a boob in their mouth.


Gone are those days.

Now we are in the “weeds” with emerging hormones, school, dance(x6 days a week) ju-jit-zu(x2 days a week), PRE-MS,  changing voices,slight  behavior issues, feeding 4 GROWING kids,  sibling rivalry, adjusting to a new schedule and those are just THEIR issues.

Don’t get me started on MY ISSUES:

still broken

still learning

still praying

still surviving


Life is a crazy journey.

Sometimes I have time to write about it


sometimes I don’t.

Bare with me…..

I’m just doing some “landscaping".


Anonymous said...

weeds are nourishing
red raspberry
oatstraw, hangin with weeds bless!

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