Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crystal Ball-ish............

Teenagers scary me....
especially the GIRLS I see.
I see them at the dance studio.
I see them at the park.
I see them at the library.
for the most part they are BRATS.
Disrespectful to each other and MEAN.

The other day at the library there were two PRE-TEEN girls in the childrens library on the computers.
They had the head phones on and were talking to each other at the same time.
And then...
all the sudden they were cussing.
I look at them and motioned for them to TAKE OFF the headphones.
They did.
"I hope you remember WHERE you are. In the KIDS library. STOP!."
They were SLIGHTLY embarassed but quickly MOVED on and returned to their previous conversations.
And started CUSSING again.
Again, I said...."Take off the headphones! Did you not understand WHAT I said???? STOP CUSSING. I will have you THROWN out of here real quick if you do not respect what I say.!!!"
Then these little bratty girls LAUGHED and said, "Let's go meet Matt!"
This really opened my eyes.....
and made me realize that I am sooo thankful for the opportunity to spend the TIME with my daughters EVERYDAY.
TIME to correct their SMART MOUTHS and TEACH them a better way.
I have seen into SOME MOTHER'S future.

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