Saturday, November 27, 2010




Those things are HARD for adults to handle.

And lets be HONEST...sometimes we SUCK at it.

Learning to "go with the flow" is not necessarily an EASY thing to do.

It takes TIME.

And sometimes even when we are "adults" we still struggle with it.

And then you throw in little souls that we were "LOANED" to us by GOD, and it becomes a LIFE LONG JOURNEY.

A journey that we walk together because we are LEARNING together.

This time of year is what the kids call our "birthday season".

They call it that because ALL 4 of the kids birthdays are so close together.

Sheba: Sept. 8
Zeek: Oct. 12
Shashamane: Nov. 6
Malachi: Jan 2

Yes ...I know...

during their bdays they inevitably get birthday money.

And they are always sooooo thankful for the money they get.

as they get older things change.

The lessons that they learn change....because they GROW.

The lesson you teach the 5 year old is not the SAME lesson you teach the 10 year old.

or the 8 year old.

This year....
they have all gotten SOME money for their birthdays.

And they all handle it differently.

Zeek likes to HANG on to his....AND he likes to buy things for his brothers and sisters. He LOVES to have money in his wallet "just in case". AND... he is ALWAYS willing to GIVE. He has such a sweet, endearing heart. This lesson has been EASY to teach him....because GOD made him that way. He dosent STRUGGLE with it.

Then there is Shashamane.
Sweet girl has had a HARD time this year.
She got money but COULD NOT figure out WHAT she wanted to do with it.
She is a little reserved and INDECISIVE about the whole thing.
I took her shopping with her money and she just WANDERED the entire St. Augustine walmart while I walked behind her and said,
"What about nail polish? You love to paint your nails. No? ok."
"What about new CRAFT SUPPLIES? You LOVE to do crafts! No? ok."
" What about CLOTHES??? You LOVE clothes! No? ok."

She COULD NOT decide.
She started POUTING!
I mean like sad eyes, arms crossed, feet dragging, POUTING!!!!!!!!!


If there is ONE THING I can't is an UNGRATEFUL child!

I mean seriously....
I am the QUEEN of , "You say your STRAVING??? Come here...Let me show you STARVING!"(Then I get on the computer and pull up some totally scary picture of a REALLY STARVING child . I know...Im weird. crazy. harsh. I wont apologize.)

I think that it is SOOOO IMPORTANT for children to have a REAL WORLD VIEW of life.
They need to know that the life they lived is BLESSED. The life they live is something that is UNIMAGINABLE to MOST children in the world.

They live in a house...not a tent.
They have running water....not a well- 3 hours away.
They have electricity....ALL THE TIME.
They eat 3 meals a day...........not 3 times a week.
They have access to medicine when they are sick.....they dont do without because they are POOR.

And they should remember it.

I want then to remember that GOD granted them these gifts....they are not to be TAKEN FOR GRANTED.
They are not to be EXPECTED.

Today is today.
tommorow.....things could change.

Tommorow....WE could be the ones truly STARVING or living in a TENT.

So right there in the middle of WALMART we stopped SHOPPING and had a little "reality check".

We stopped and talked about how It was not RIGHT to be upset because you cant figure out HOW to spend your money...
We talked about how we were going to GIVE THANKS for the fact that we have money to spend at WALMART...when so many are FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES!
We talked about how GOD wanted us to be GOOD STEWARDS of our we didnt want to WASTE IT on something....just because we wanted to BUY SOMETHING!
We talked about how it was NOT ACCEPTABLE for her to frown and act that way .....EVER.

simply because......


We ended up walking out with BOTH some money in our hand, a panda doll, AND....
a lesson that I am sure is not OVER.

It is a lesson that is a life long journey.
A lesson that takes a while to be IMPRINTED on your heart.
For some of my children, it comes easier that others.
But ..I am determined that NO MATTER WHAT...
It is a lesson that they WILL LEARN.
It is a lesson that will SAVE them from so much heartache and disappointment.

We need to appreciate our BLESSINGS...
and OUR JOURNEYS for what they are...
Even when they come to us in the TOY isle at WALMART.

8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast. 10 For we are God’s handiwork, created to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Eph 2:8-10


shainee said...

This made me tear up. So true, so true. You children are a so blessed to have a Mama with such Godly prospective.

elliott thompson said...

wow surfing the net last night i wound up on your wife/swap episode and want to hail and congratulate your humilty and your husband for defending his own and both of you for raising your children with endless love. Janna you have inspired a family to live with better morals and principles with rastas famous 'way of life' approach! Nice one if I feel like some more inspiration I'll watch it over again from beginning to end. JAH BLESS!