Thursday, November 18, 2010

Save the CEREAL......boxes, that is!

Cereal Boxes.

Soooo Simple.
What a blessing when you can turn something so useless in to something that can SAVE the life of a family.

Something we take for granted.


Until NOW........
we burned them in the fire pit.

Never even thinking about HOW ELSE it could be used.

Once again my eyes have been opened a little wider by my sweet friend Heather over at SitaSpell

Click HERE to check it out.

She is an AMAZING foot soldier in Haiti.
On the front lines....being a direct link between the Haitian people and us.

Like I said....cereal boxes.

Almost tooo simple to be true.

1. Save boxes
2. Send them to Haiti
3. They get made into beautiful jewelry that is sold to SAVE a MOTHER.

What an AMAZING way to help the orphans in Haiti!!!

I mean really helping children AND recycling.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah don't burn any stuff with
coloring for it lets off toxic
air when burning
not good