Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Between Now an the Future....

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"Do you wanna walk outside with me???", that is how it starts.

He wants to walk and talk.
He wants me to hear his ideas....his plans, his visions for the future.
The wall that will be "here".
The greenhouse that will be "there".

So...Walking thru the backyard, I listen to his plans.

I feel the heat and the dirt between my toes...I saturate myself HERE.NOW.

Because THIS is no small feat....We DID this.

We He had a dream.
He said we could do it...I just followed.
If it were up to me- we would have rented forever.
Not because I wanted to...
but because I am a "NOW girl".It is hard for me to think too far ahead.I live in the NOW. HERE. Maybe it is because it is confusing to me. Maybe it is because my brain just doesn't work that way. But it is hard for me to think about mortgages and MATH (gag) when I have clothes to fold, mouths to feed, dance classes an football to get to AND SCHOOL to TEACH.
So all in all...THAT was the reason that I just couldn't SEE it.
I couldn't focus on it.

But HE did.
He KNEW all along .
He COULD see it.

From driveways to kids forts...his dreams are NEVER small.

I walk along beside him and relish in this life.
I listen to the sound of his voice as he carefully lays his plans.
I want to be saturated in THIS moment.
I want to remember THIS heat.THESE conversations.THAT song that he is singing as he walks and sings and talks.
And you never know what The future holds.
Because ..He. Dreams. Big.
Thank goodness....
I am pretty sure I someone little needs something from me.
Here. Now. In THIS moment.

So...I walk and I give thanks that God put together 2 people who think DIFFERENTLY...But have learned to work so well together.

I love this life.
What a blessing each moment is.

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Dad said...

miss you