Friday, July 22, 2011

Truth....on a daily

Sometimes in the blogging world there is a misconception that a blog tells you EVERYTHING about a to speak.

When we follow a blog....
We think we "know" people.
We think we know what they do on a daily basis.
We imagine all kinds of things about them.
We imagine their lives all tidy and neat, with perfect children who do not argue, homemade meals on the table for dinner, and a homeschool day that is SURE to MOLD a GENIUS.

But let me tell you...THAT creature is a MYTH.

The Mom who has it all under control, everything together, that "does it better than me" Mom...she NEVER existed.

I am here to tell you, from the INSIDE of the blogging world,

I will let you in on a secret....for ME and MINE anyway,
What we write about on our a SNAP SECOND of our lives.
It is our "best-foot forward" most of the time.
I try and be honest an keep it real...but inevitably...we write about more of our TRIUMPHS than our DEFEATS.

I couldnt keep up with a DAY BY DAY, BLOW BY BLOW, blog if I tried.
Too much happens in my life.
Too many thought go thru my head...
too much "stuff" happens on my journey.
Good and bad.
Triumphs and defeats.
Arguements and make-ups.
Laughs and cries.
Smiles and frowns.

And....We all have flaws.
I have good days and bad days.
I argue with my husband....and we make-up.
I cook good meals....and I go thru drive thrus.
I pray for our kids...and then I yell at them.
I teach them...and they teach me.
Sometimes I am proud of the work I i that day...and sometimes I have to ask God for forgiveness.

I live a REAL life.
A life full of ups and downs.
A life that I have committed to God.
Because I NEED his help in this life.
I make mistakes ...DAILY.
And sometimes...I blog about them.
Sometimes I don't.
Sometimes I expose myself a little and sometimes I REALY let you in.
Because on this blog...just like in this LIFE...

Guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God my Savior,
and my hope is in you all day long
Psalm 25:5



Great Life Photography said...

You said it sister!!!! And then some! I love your style of writing ... and just need to take the time to get you some art story ideas so you can help me out with Compass. But, as you know, it's tough trying to juggle it all. And, like you said in your beautiful blog entry, no one is perfect, especially us moms!! I'll be in touch soon. Soon!!!!

Mom said...

So true sweetie. There is no perfect Mom. Just keep on trying to do your best. HUGS, Mom

Dad said...

I <3 U

Shainee said...

Love your beautiful truths. xoxo