Friday, August 26, 2011

Ballet Blunders…..

This week was the first week of dance for the Fall.

The first day of a CRAZY dance year.

Last year Shasha(8) took:


Jazz/Tap combo

and Sheba took:

Ballet/Jazz Combo

well…after last years TRIAL RUN, they have decided that they LOVE dance and wanted to do MUCH more.

Sooooo…our schedule this year looks like :

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop.

Which means this week we are trying the classes we like to see if THAT CLASS is where we need to be-level wise.

Well, Monday Shasha tried her first modern class.

She came out and I expected her to be ALL SMILES, because she LOVES that type of music and dance.

She was not.

“How was class Shasha?”

“It was a baby class, Mom. We drew pictures with our NOSES!” she said with a disgruntled nose crinkle.

“Oh NO!!! You thought it was too easy????”

“Way. Too.Easy.” she bluntly said.

So we turned around and went right back in the studio to see if there was another class she could take that would be a better “fit”.

As soon as we walked in her friend was telling HER MOM that the class was “way too easy”, so we laughed and started lookingat the schedule.

About 5 min later their modern teacher walked into the office.

She immediately looked at the girls and said to us, “These two girls need to move to the next level class!” she said in the exact “dance teacher” tone I had become LONG ACCUSTOMED TO in my YEARS of dance classes.

I smiled…beaming.

For a moment….before she said, “But…”, I KNEW  this wouldn’t be GOOD, “They were very RUDE and stood there talking and crossing their arms.I KNEW what you girls were trying to say, You were BORED. Iget it. I KNEW.”

I was mortified. Shasha seemed to be indifferent.

I think she was shocked…she didn’t know what to do.

I felt like I was having a terrible flashback of Ms. Peggy, my ballet teacher. I was always getting into trouble. Always walking the like between ballerina and rebel.

Sometimes…the REBEL won.

And as I stood there and looked at my 8 year old daughter…I could see myself.

“Mom, we weren’t even doing anything THAT BAD. We weren’t even talking THAT MUCH.”..YEP, I am pretty sure those EXACT WORDS had come out of MY 8 year old mouth. NO DOUBT.

So, as we walked out I gave her the  old, “You cannot act like that. you have to be respectful. You have to be good.” speech… I said it and I heard my mothers voice.

I knew that I was turning into my Mother and Shasha was turning into ME!

What a circle of events. What a blessing.

At least I know WHO to call when she acts like ME.


PS. She wrote Ms. Ellie a note to appoligize. Whether she MEANT IT or NOT, is debatable.


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