Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The END is near….

This time of year always creates a STIR inside of me.

Kind of a mix of fear, excitement, sadness and joy. All at the same time. I know..I'm CRAZY like that.

Summer is almost over….and the school year QUICKLY approaches. It is like s shift in our life.

We go from sleeping late …to waking up “early”.

We go from cartoons to animal planet.

We go from WII “hours”…to WII “minutes”.

It is a heavy load and I have a hard time transitioning sometimes.

I am a creature of habit…and it has become MY HABIT to sleep late, stay up late at night, and spend days at the beach or pool.


Yesterday I saw yellow leaves actually FALL to the ground.

and I realized that





As I watched out the window for the UPS truck HOPEFULLY delivering my school curriculum, it hit me again….

The time is NEAR.

The time for structure and rules.

The time for books, libraries, dance classes, piano lessons, and football practices.

The time for staying up late reading homeschooling blogs and   PLANNING.

The time to BE THE TEACHER.

The time to buckle down and put my big girl panties on….

I think it is as HARD for me as it is for THEM.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I wouldn’t….but that doesn't make it any easier.

7 am comes EARLY….no matter HOW THANKFUL YOU ARE.


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