Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Little Big Life.

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Sometimes in life there are times when I don’t want to…


There are times when I just need to escape the four walls that are closing in on me and surrender to the bigger picture.

Those  days when thankfulness escapes me and joy is hard to find.

Those days.

The undeniably hard ones.

Those are the days that I am learning that feelings can drown me and life is BIG.



Too big to wrap my mind around. 

Too many feelings and too much struggle….for me.

I am learning that there is ONE SURE CURE….


Fresh Air.




It is because “out there” I am forced to take my eyes off things that are merely 3 feet in front of me.

I am forced to take in LIFE thru nature that I can’t thru my 4 walls…

And sometimes…………

A bigger world picture is all we need.

Realizing that our problems are small, no matter how big….is HUGE.

It is only when I remember that I am a mere piece of the puzzle that life is put into perspective.

It is only when my WORLD VIEW is distorted that I find faults.


When I remember that I am small in this BIG picture,

when I remember that I am blessed beyond words,

when I remember that I CAN choose to seep LOVE,

THAT is when my sense of perspective changes .

That is when I WANT to do…………..



My life is a small speck of a blessing in a long line of lifetimes.








A little, big life.

So…This weekend, that is what we did.

When we started feeling frustrated and overwhelmed…

We got out.

We explored.

We celebrated our “little, big life”.

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