Monday, August 20, 2007

More than just a Piggy-back....

What a wonderful feeling to see Love at work within your family, amongst your kids.

Today ...when Sheba fell asleep, the kids were going to watch a movie.

We got the movie ready...(High School Musical 2 to be exact) and I got the snacks ready.

there they were all lined up ready for their cheetos..patiently waiting.

Making sure to give them all EXACTLY the same amount, so I dont have to hear and complaining, and I send them off to the couch.

Zeek sat down, then Shasha sat next to him...Malachi right next to Shasha.

Zeek moved to the other couch.

Shasha followed, then Malachi.

This went on for a good couple of minutes before Zeek said, "Ugggg, stop following me!!!"

I was laughing this whole time because they all just LOVE each other sooooo much!!!

Iwalked over to all of them and said .."Zeek, they just want to sit next to you because they love you."

Zeek said, "Shasha just wants to sit next to me because she always wants piggy back rides from here or there."

Shasha just got this shocked look on her face and said.."Nu-ugh, I just wanted to SIT by him!"

Then I sat down and explained that we should be grateful for all the love we have around us....Without another word, they all just sat back with a very hapy look on their face and settled in to watch a movie.


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