Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1st Day of School!!!!!

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Well, yesterday was our 1st day of school!!

The kids did great...VERY LITTLE complaining.

We started out with our daily prayer book and bible study- we write down what we are thankful for, the blessings we have recieved,and who needs our prayers.

The calander was next...I printed them each a september calander and we go over the month, day of the week, and the date.

Next, we move on to Reading and writing....All the children do work appropriate for them at their level.

Zeek is reviewing his alphabet and writing, he also has sight words that he has to memorize.

Shasha works on her ABC's, and loves to write EVERYTHING down!

Malachi is busy working on writing his M's(up-down-up-down! I hear him say, and also his A's(up-down-across).

SNACK TIME!!!!! (at last!!!)

30 minutes later .....we are back to work!!!

Math is next...After a couple of number worksheets, we play a math game.

I hold up a flashcard and the kids raise their hands when they know the answer.

When they know the answer..they get to pick that number of goldfish out of the bowl!!!

They love it!!!!

Then we stop for lunch...and I put sheba down for a nap.

Yes....She has been AWAKE this whole time!!!CRAZY!!!!!

After Lunch we worked on parts of a plant and made stamps out of apples!!!

All in all ...we had a great day.

The kids did great and had 2 scoops of sherbert for all their hard work!!!

This all ended at about 2:30 pm...right on schedule.

And as I send them off to play...I look around and think, "I guess I better clean this mess up before we have soccer practice tonight!"

What a wonderful, beautiful, crazy , exausting life...I cant imagine it any other way.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! I'm tired just reading all that. So proud of you and the kidlets.
Love, Mema

Hendrick Family said...


I didn't know you had a blog! I've just been looking at the pictures online when you send the links.

I am going to love keeping up with you.

Homeschooling is so fun.

So proud of you, Jana!


Suzette said...

Now that this thing works--here goes!
I'm so glad the kids are starting school. After 32 years of teaching school, I know exactly how you feel. A little overwhelmed????? Hope all the teaching materials I sent home with you will come in handy. Tell the kids to study hard and let us see some of their work!
Love to all the kids and the tired Mom/teacher also!