Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last weekend....

Last weekend Jay went into OP on Saturday early morning as a gift to his Mom for Mothers Day.
She had some projects that would have been UN-doable without Jay.
He is sooo amazing.
I can only pray and try and train OUR boys, so that when they are grown, they will have the same SKILLS as their father.

Anyway...we were BUSY all weekend.
We had a great game on Saturday.
Zeek has really gotten to be really amazing at football.
He runs faster, throws better, pulls flags quicker, AND has MORE enthusiasm than he did last year.
Malachi- not so much!!!
Hes one of the "little guys" on the team.
Saturday was his first game AFTER the KNEE INJURY!!
AND Jay wasnt there.
Coach asked him a couple of times if he wanted to play and he said .."Nah."
It was so interesting to see the age differences between all the boys.
Give thanks that Zeek DIDN'T go with the bigger boys- Some of them have mustaches!!!!

That afternoon, Sebastian was performing at the ampitheatre with his school group.
It was AMAZING to see all the kids being creative.
There was music, artwork, dance groups, from different schools and age groups!!
It really inspired me to start more music classes and projects with the kids.
I mean I do heve a TALENTED group of musicians at my fingertips! LOL

Then on Sunday...We ALL went to the beach, Daddy included!
He came home Saturday night with a HUGE bag of CLAY!!!!
Thats right..I said CLAY!
He was digging the fencepost for his Moms fence and HE HOMESCHOOL GOLD!!!
He hit BLUE CLAY!!!
So we brought SOME of it to the beach and let everyone go to town.
You would NEVER think to do at the beach, but what a great opportunity to get your hands dirty and then PLAY!!!!

Thank GOD for this amazing blessing of a life.

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Anonymous said...

oh my love clay so so much fun you are truly blessed ocean with clay
what fun yall having give thanks
big hugs