Monday, March 22, 2010

2010…the year of the DANGLE EARRINGS.

JackieHailey2010 007

I have to admit….

this spring break visit with Jackie and Hailey was pretty AMAZING.

They kids PRETTY MUCH got along perfectly.

By day 2 they were fighting with Hailey as if she were “one of THEM”- which really is code for.."we like you enough to argue with you.”


Shashamane REALLY loved spending time with her “not taller” cousin Hailey.

Little girls are funny…

Jackie and I watched ALL WEEK as Shasha just adored Hailey.

And when I say adored ..I mean…ADORED.

She wanted to be JUST LIKE HER.

If  Hailey was wearing capris…Shasha was digging thru her drawers for  a pair of capris.

If Hailey was reading a book…Shasha was sure to be next to her-READING A BOOK!

If  Shashamane woke before Hailey…she NOT-SO-PATIENTLY waited at Hailey's door in anticipation.


It was so funny…

At one point I asked Shashamane if she wanted more to eat at lunch and she said, “Is Hailey going to eat more?”


It was also a TESTIMENT to her adoration of Hailey that Shasha WANTED to ride an hour in the car to take Hailey to the airport!

She NEVER wants to go to the airport!!!!

And when we did get to the airport…Shasha was teared up when she had to say bye to Hailey.

And as for sweet Hailey bug…she was such a great sport.

She just let Shasha (and MOST of the time Sheba) just follow her around and LOVE HER.

Sweet, sweet cousin love.

It was a GREAT week filled with the sounds of love, laughter, rain.

Blessings in ABUNDANCE!!!

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Anonymous said...

your absolutely right, this vacation was great! I love to watch the girls walk hand in hand or locked arms! We had a fantastic Spring Break! Definately the year of the dangle earrings ;)

Jackie ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this....and I LOVE the music...must know who is artist???
cryste :0)