Monday, March 15, 2010


We have been having an AWESOME time with Jackie and Hailey in town.

What a blessing.

It seems to me that as we get older….we just MIGHT get wiser.

Gone are the days of fighting and bickering.

Gone are the days of childish games and competitiveness.


we just love each other.

We can just APPRECIATE each other for who we are.


We have accepted our “roles”.

Mine- the “Crazy” Aunt Jana who flies by the seat of her pants and is NEVER on time.

Hers-the “Not so Crazy” Aunt Jackie who likes to be on a schedule and is perpetually EARLY for everything.

We couldn’t be MORE different…or more the SAME.

Here are a few more pics of our journey this week….

 JackieHailey2010 004 JackieHailey2010 006 JackieHailey2010 017 JackieHailey2010 031 JackieHailey2010 035 JackieHailey2010 036 JackieHailey2010 045 JackieHailey2010 049 JackieHailey2010 051 JackieHailey2010 053 JackieHailey2010 061 JackieHailey2010 063 JackieHailey2010 067 JackieHailey2010 071 JackieHailey2010 072 JackieHailey2010 075 JackieHailey2010 087 JackieHailey2010 089 JackieHailey2010 101

JackieHailey2010 119

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Grandma said...

Oh, I just love seeing pictures of all the kids together playing. It just warms my heart. I'm so glad Jackie makes sure she and Hailey do this each spring or summer. Those children are making memories they will carry with them till the end of the lives. I love ALL of you,