Wednesday, March 17, 2010


If you visit here often, you KNOW that I LOVE to make EVERYTHING into a teaching moment.

As we say….It is the SCHOOL OF LIFE.

So ….while Hailey and Jackie were here we have been not “having school”.

But..I’ve been SNEAKING IN some “secret school”!

Yesterday…the kids wanted to do tie-dye


I was so NOT WANTING to do it.

Mainly because I didn’t have gloves and didn’t want DYED HANDS for days.


I decided to do a little ART LESSON.

A  Jackson Pollock lesson.

JackieHailey2010 023

We checked this book out on our trip to the library.

And later that night I asked the kids if they wanted to do some painting.

Which is ALWAYS greeted with squeals of excitement

ESPECIALLY when they know they will be painting on a CANVAS.


I got everything out and organized.

We decided to do it out in the yard considering that Jackson Pollock really SPLATTERED paint all over the place.


JackieHailey2010 032 JackieHailey2010 024

I set the canvas up against the tree and started reading the book to the kids about Pollock.

We looked at different examples of his paintings and explained HOW he did it.

Then we started….

 JackieHailey2010 025 JackieHailey2010 030 JackieHailey2010 031

JackieHailey2010 035

They LOVED it!!!!!


The tree got a nice piece of art splattered on it also!!!


 JackieHailey2010 040

THIS is the finished product-Which we will PROUDLY display in our kitchen.


JackieHailey2010 042


Bayou belle said...

Hello Jana=saw you guys on an episode of Wifeswap today. Was really touched at what a caring soul you are. Your family and mine have different lifestyles and religions-however, the love you guys have for your children is so obvious and special and as I a Mom I totally relate. At the end of the day, when all the other frivolous things that clutter our lives are pushed aside--love is the true glue that holds us together as a world. Thankyou for standing up for it. God Bless to you and your beautiful family. Ariel

Anonymous said...

I saw your Wife Swap episode yesterday and I was so amazed at the Christ-like perspective you have. I am a homeschool mom in Edmond, OK, and am soon due to have my 4th. You and your family are an inspiration. May you continue to be a blessing and stand for truth!
Christen @