Friday, June 18, 2010

Datil Do it…….



Its funny how even kids raised in the same home, same parents, same LIFE, can STILL  be soooooo different.

All of our kids are sweet.

Most of the time.

All are obedient.

Most of the time.

Last night I was getting the kids out of the bath and I told Malachi to get out.

“No.” he said.

I said, “Get out before I count to 3.”

“No.” he said.

I said , “Now your getting out AND getting a spanking.”

He laughed.

So I got him out and spanked him.

He laughed…AGAIN.

I said , “Well , I guess I will have to use the Datil Pepper HOT SAUCE.”

THAT got a  reaction….

“No Mom, PLEASE. No MOM!!!!!!”

He begged .

He Pleaded.

He still got “Sauced”.

Please pray for us.

Pray that we don't need to plant an EXTRA Datil pepper plant….JUST FOR MALACHI!!!!

1 comment:

Suzette said...

Oh Jana, I can't stop laughing!!! :). Where was the Datil Pepper Sauce when I needed it???????