Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A “silly” success…


“Mom!!!!  He won’t trade me a monkey for a STARRRRR!!!!”

“I JUST WANT the guitar for the hippo!”

“PLEASEEEEEEEEEE….Can you trade me the lips for the gator!!!”

Those are the kind of conversations going on around here lately.

The “SILLY BANDZ MANIA” has hit the Vallone Homestead.

It started one day when Jay was playing at Jacks BBQ.

Shasha swam up to the side of the pool and said, “Mom-Have you ever heard of Silly Bandz????”

I had.

Oh no.

I knew what was coming.

“Can I get some?????’…I knew it.

So ever since that day we have been in Silly Bandville.








You name it….we've seen it.

Its funny to see the kids SOOOOOOO into something.


It even seems to present LOTS of situations where I can TEACH.


the kids were sitting at the table and each had laid all their silly bands in front of them.

They were getting ready to trade.

I knew I should stay near by….to referee.

These things can go south QUICKLY.

Soooo…they started trading and of course Shasha had the most and they started arguing about who got what and which ones were more “valuable”.

I listened.

Malachi started crying(not unusual) and saying that SHASHA had BETTER ONES and more “RARE” ones.

She does.

PILES of them.

Still….Shasha wasn’t hearing it.

She was being selfish and didn’t want to give Malachi 1 of her 2 green dragonflies.

It was time to step in.

Me:“Do you guys remember what a false idol is?????”


Me:”remember it is when you love something soooooo much that IT becomes more important than ANYTHING. It becomes more important than GOD, and it makes you NOT WANT to share. Sometimes when you get something new you have to FIGHT THAT FEELING. When you have 2 of something you should BE WILLING to give 1 away. Do you understand????”

Kids: “yes maam”

Then Shasha said, “Malachi…Ill trade you the  green dragonfly for the pink gator.”

A “SILLY BAND” success.

I love this life…every SILLY minute of  it!!!

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