Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!!!!!


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5 years ago today we had a baby princess with a ROYAL NAME.

Sheba Ithiopia Vallone.

She was born at home, underwater……

She was awake and eager to meet the world.

From the moment we saw her we knew she was a sweet, sweet girl.

A blessing in the form a perfect baby girl.

A gift from GOD.

And as she has grown she has become everything we knew she would be.










all these qualities she posseses

all these qualities she was granted by GOD.

As I look back on the last 5 years, I am amazed.

I want to just STOP TIME.

Freeze everything RIGHT NOW.

Keep her a 5 year old little girl…FOREVER.

I know that is impossible.

I know that 1 day she  will not  she be small enough to sweep up and hold close .

1 day she will not WANT to sleep in the bed cuddled next to us.

1 day she will want to  be a “big girl”….far from the 5 year old she is today.

So today….I want to cherish THIS TIME.

Cherish THESE memories.

So that …I can look back and remember THIS DAY and what a BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, PRECIOUS girl she is right now!

Happy Birthday Princess Sheba!!!!!

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Sheba.

5 year old girls are fantastic. My daughter has just turned 5 and she is inspiring, frustrating, joyful and wilful in equal measure.



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