Thursday, September 16, 2010




This year in school, one of my main goals for the “Vallone Academy” is to live MINDFULLY


To teach a REAL WORLD-VIEW to the kids.

WORLD VIEW being, “the sum total of our beliefs about the world, the BIG PICTURE that directs our daily decisions and actions.”

I think it is important for them to know that there is MORE TO LIFE than what is just outside their door.

There is a WHOLE WORLD out there that STRUGGLES …WAY MORE than they do.

Listening to the news at night you NEVER hear of the

MILLIONS starving tonight


the children dying tonight


the countless women being abused tonight


the inhumane living conditions being endured tonight.

You will only hear about the murders RIGHT OUTSIDE ….in your neighborhood….

Or the robbery that occured on the other side of town.

There isn’t a REAL representation of the world in our culture.

Its a fast, money driven, non-culture society that we live in….with no regard for the needy,the poor, or the oppresed.

I want my children to SEE those things without them having to be pointed out.

I want them to understand that people need help, without them having to ask.

So this year, we are being especially mindful about our life adn trying really hard to present the children with a TRUE world view.

So that when they are IN THE WORLD….they will not be looking thru “rose colored” glasses,

but seeing CRYSTAL CLEARLY!!!!

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