Saturday, September 4, 2010

Van Gogh, the 5th day, and PE!!!!

Yesterday we started our Homeschool co-op classes.

Every time we meet I am reminded of how BLESSED  we are as a homeschool family to have such wonderful support in our community.

Even if we are all not close friends,and we have different views on many things…

I believe that GOD pulls us all together for a reason.

Sometimes that reason is for the benefit of the child…and sometimes the parent.

Sometimes it is apparent, and sometimes vague.

But it is ALWAYS a true blessing to have the fellowship of others “in the same place”  as you.

As I sat in class yesterday surrounded by others “like-minded”  I thought…

I am always thankful for being able to teach and guide my children thru what I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT part in a persons life…

The beginning.

September madness 031

Doing an experiment about ocean currents in “swimming creatures of the 5th day” class.

September madness 019

September birthdays!!!!!

September madness 021September madness 024

September madness 025

September madness 026

Elementary Civics Class…….

September madness 022

September madness 023

PE….for Zeek and Shasha.

September madness 028 September madness 030

Art Treasury……  Van Gogh

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