Sunday, January 2, 2011

THAT bridge..........

Life has a way of sneaking up on me.

Days turn into months.

Months turn into years.

And before I know it....they are little people with minds and ideas of their own.

When I used to hear a Mom talking about her TWEEN daughter- and their TWEEN-NESS.

Tween-ness being: independence

I would think to myself, "Ahhhhhhhh. I am glad I'm not THERE yet. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it."

Well people...I am standing on the edge of THAT very bridge I thought was SOOOOOOOOOOOO far away.

I am looking at THAT BRIDGE and thinking that ....


Simple. Easy. Not yet.

I am afraid it is INEVITABLE.

THAT time has come.

The Lord thinks I am ready. usual....I have my doubts.

Shashamane has been saving her money and had some money from Grandma and Grandpa for today- she bought and MP3 player.

Which made me excited thinking of all the ways we will bond over GIRL MUSIC.

I was going to SHARE my favorites with her:

Gwen Stefani

Lauren Hill

Alanis Morsette

Stevie Nicks

I was excited....She is growing up and I thought it was a better decision than a TOY(which she wouldn't play with in 2 weeks).


like I said....I had BIG PLANS for us.

We were going to be taking this journey together....thru MY music.

Then we got home.

I said..."Maybe we will put some Gwen Stefani on there."

She said, "I dont want to."



I blocked that out....nevermind.

We were going to BOND.

Then she brought me a list...of people she wanted on her MP3 player.

THIS was the list:
Big Time Rush
Jonus Brothers
Miley Cyrus
Pink(later found out this was JAYS pick.LOL)
Bridget Minler
Miranda Cosgrove
Mitchel Musso
Demi Lavato



Oh nooooooooooo.

Then I proceeded to say..."come on...lets go find some music we BOTH like."

And we headed to the computer to click on good ol' you tube.


Alanis Morrisett

Lauren Hill

Stevie Nicks.

And one after another....she turned up her nose.

She shook her head.

She said NO...1 by 1.

She denied me.

Then I said, "Wait a second, It seems like everything I DON'T"

And then she took that FIRST STEP.


She looked me in the eye and said, "Pretty much...Yes."

Oh Lord..........Here we go!!!!


Suzette said...

Hang on, honey.....that ride might get bumpy and that bridge might sway a bit, but you will survive. It's all part of growing up!

Melinda said...

wow....that was sorta rude...but then again..they signed it with Anonymous. Figures.
I have a tween we are going thru the moody long sleeved no one understands me phase. How are we old enough to have kids going thru these phases already?!

Austin said...

I'm a 17 year old boy and I even have Gwen on my ipod, it shouldnt be a choice haha.