Thursday, January 27, 2011

Role Reversal...........

Sometimes I am STOPPED in my tracks.

Sometimes "THOSE TRACKS" stand right smack-dab in the middle of a realization.

(This is a common theme around here...MY realizations! LOL)

This week I have been really trying to "get back into life".

After being sick for a while.... I was READY.

I had all these scenerios planned out in my head....
The kids would quietly sit and listen in school. They would LOVE being "back" and would be ready to take on the day. They would cooperate and do everything without complaining.

I think the meds made me DELUSIONAL.

THAT did not happen. Surprised?

They complained.
They cried.
They were "less then willing" to JUMP BACK IN.
They were "tired".
They were "hungry".
They DID NOT MAKE IT EASY for the teacher(ME!!!).

It was a struggle.


I realize that I am sooo blessed to have a life where THIS WEEK was possible.

So blessed to have the life I never even dreamed of. (sweet!)

I am blessed to be able to teach these children. It is a blessing to spend ALL DAY bouncing between 4th,2nd,1st grade...AND kinder!!! Teaching children to read and tie their shoes. Teaching them about GODS' blessings. Teaching them about loving their brothers and sisters...even when they are ANNOYING THEM!!!

The more and more I walk this homeschool road the more I realize that...

I just may be more of a STUDENT than a TEACHER!

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