Monday, January 31, 2011

Free from "bondage"

Someone asked me the other day, "Why in the world would you homeschool???"

I wasn't offended, although maybe I SHOULD have been.

He didn't "get it".

Why should he?

Having NO KIDS, he couldn't understand.

He couldn't understand why I would want to keep them with me.

He couldn't understand why I would WANT to be with them ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

He couldn't understand that sometimes "sheltering" them from the world IS my intent.

I do NOT think that sheltering them from negativity, worldly views, or others peoples opinions is a BAD THING.

I look at it like a BLESSING.

I am in control...for the moment, of what they see,hear,and encounter.

I WANT to be in control.

I WANT to see them thru this journey, holding their hand...if need be.

I want my daughters to stay SWEET and INNOCENT.

I want my sons to be RESPECTFUL and HONORABLE.

I want them to be free of the BONDAGE that comes with the views of the OUTSIDE world - and what it tells them they SHOULD BE.

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Terra Howard said...

I think you're brave to teach your own children. However, as a Mom that sends her children to public school it is possible to keep kids grounded, respectful & reject outside influence. : )You just have to work hard..