Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun with "chaos".......... and groundhogs.

February 2.

Groundhog day.....
In the Vallone academy it was an easy WEATHER filled day.

We started off the morning watching the news to see "Phil" the groundhog.

We all sat around the television watching men in "abraham-ish" hats. Waiting for them to tell US whether or not "Phil" the groundhog had "predicted" an early spring or more looking at his shadow. Hmmmmmmm....

It was quite was the perfect chance for us to explain how sometimes in our society we just MAKE STUFF UP.

But- we do.

It was an opportunity to say "hey...we know this is all fun and games. We can do "fun and games". But at the same time....We'll tell you ALL about the TRUTH of it".

It was a NICE,LIGHT morning....(with only a few threats of "regular school" throw

Then .....

We had a field 9 AM!!!!

Whew...the story of us TRYING to get out of the house before 9 is a whole differtnt blog. LOL! (just in case you were getting the WRONG idea that I had my "stuff" together lol.)

Our local weather man Tim Deegan came to talk to our homeschool co-op.

Hes a local celebrity and a really genuinely COOL surfer guy.



He spoke about HOW he got to be a meteorologist.

He told funny stories.

And he was SOOO knowledgeable about all thing weather.


The "littles" even were relatively calm.




It was a great addition to our WEATHER DAY.

The MOST interesting thing that he talked about was the "chaos theory".
The chaos theory goes that man will NEVER (no matter how MUCH technology) be able to predict the weather more than 14 days ahead.
The reason being that any movement...from the flick of a dragonflies wings to the movement of a rock falling ...can affect the wind and the weather...CHANGING EVERYTHING.

Such a blessing....UNDENIABLE.

GOD is great...and only HE knows the flicker of a butterflies wing or the movement of a stream.

Man will NEVER know matter the machine.

Love it.....


And then we came home and spent the evening listening to a RAINSTORM on the roof.

A perfect WEATHER DAY....

and by the way....

He didn't see his shadow.

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