Monday, February 14, 2011

A LOVE story......Finally.


Once upon a a time there was a girl....a princess

She dreamed of true love....

She SEARCHED for true love.

From the time she was little she GAVE pieces of her heart away.

To many...

Asking NOTHING in return....

She was always looking, searching, giving.

Never realizing she was WORTHY....of MUCH more.

Her Father and Mother tried to tell her, teach her, that she was a GEM...but ALAS..
She didn't hear that.

She gave a pieces to wizards, trolls, goblins, and giants.

Passing the pieces to them as if they were candy.

Sweet, sugary bits of herself....LOST along the way.

And, all along she had no idea that it was fruitless.

Ignorning that the things she was GIVING AWAY were PRICELESS.

She happily just skipped along thru her life .....IGNORANTLY.

She grew up and THOUGHT she found love ....several times.

But to no avail.....they were wolves in sheeps clothing.

Always willing to LET her BE herself instead of helping her SEE herself.

Always LOOKING at her for the OUTSIDE, never helping her search WITHIN.

She was BLISSFULLY IGNORANT...not ever knowing the difference.

Then one day in her life....there arrived a KING.

He was noble and honorable and really LOOKED at her.

He TRULY loved her.

He taught her about LOVE, and LIFE and introduced her to GOD.

He LOVED her and HONORED her....and taught her that all those pieces she had GIVEN AWAY effortlessly....were WORTHY.

SHE was worthy.

He showed her that all those things GIVEN away .....could be GROWN in her heart.

So she spent her time after that growing back all the pieces that she had lost.

She planted and sowed...she tended to her heart and learned to LOVE.

THEN- before long....

Where those empty spots were....there were now FLOWERS.

All grown with LOVE and LIGHT....

All different and brilliant their own ways.

All LOVING grown into a beautiful garden of a family.

All pieces of heart ...RECOVERED.

GOD had grown in her - TRUE LOVE.

Finally. <3


Anonymous said...

you just made me cry! Thank you

Anonymous said...

oops that was me Shawna

Jenifer Spain said...

Beautiful Jana :)

Grandma said...

Just keep the love surviving between you two.
I love you both,

NancyPrevatt said...

Beautiful girl!

christina said...

This made me tear up!!! Beautiful.

Dad and Suzette said...

What a beautiful transformation.....but you have always been a rare GEM to us!
We love you!

Unknown said...

Still love it and you're just as beautiful. Love you, girl. - Nancy

Nancy Wray said...

Still love it and you're just as beautiful. Love you, girl. - Nancy