Sunday, February 27, 2011

Comming Full Circle....


Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories. ~John Wilmot

I love that quote....I love the wisdom in those words.

It is funny to me how we THINK we know everything....

When I was young....I THOUGHT I knew what was good for me.
I thought I was making GOOD decisions.
I thought that how I felt THEN was how I would always feel.

How naive.
How sad is THAT?
So prideful that I couldn't see past MYSELF.
So silly to think that I was "grown".

Making big girl decisions...with a little girl's mind.

Thinking that I KNEW who I would the future.


I remember being pregnant with Zeek and thinking things like, "I will never spank my kids!".


"I am going to be a CALM parent...never yell, or get upset."


"MY kid will never play with swords or fight!"

When I look back I can't help but laugh at my NAIVE self.

What a kook...thinking I knew ANYTHING about ANYTHING really.

Not because I was young....lots of people go thru their lives and make GREAT DECISIONS at a young age. That is GREAT...but not MY STORY.

I was prideful and was USED to thinking I KNEW something.

I was USED to THINKING I was right..THINKING that I understood things.

I remember when Zeek was VERY YOUNG(under 1 year)...we met a family who had a couple of boys.

They were nice, sweet kids (about 6 and 9 or so)
they were playing some card "game".
Something with dragons and spell cards and points.

And I remember thinking to myself, "I would NEVER let my kids play with something that was about DRAGONS and SPELLS!!!! NEVER way! Those are things of the devil! Uh-Uh...No Way!!!"

You see...there it was PRIDEFUL SELF who CONTINUED to think that she knows ALL THINGS!"


I was so judgemental...without even knowing I was being judgemental.

I had JUST been saved about 2 years before and was still "SORE" from my former life.

I WAS going to be DIFFERENT.
I WAS going to please H.I.M.
Come fire or rain....I WOULD be different.
I WOULD make up for it.

I guess somewhere along the way I decided that in order to "make-up" for all things "former"....I would need to "set fire" to all things "not holy".

I thought that in order to "repent"...I needed to "purify" my life.

So...for MY KIDS- there would be NO DRAGONS, NO SWORDS, and NO SPELL CARDS.

see what I mean...Naive.

I know.

Stop laughing.

Well....Life is a journey and it comes full circle.

As I grew in my faith...I realized that Dragons, spell cards, and swords....have NO POWER over me or my kids.

As long as I teach them that the devil comes in all sizes and shapes...and that he can only come in when there is a door left open.

They have to know about caution in matter what they have in front of them.No matter the situation.

As long as they are living for THE KINGDOM....then they are PROTECTED BY GOD!

No spell cards, swords, or dragons will harm them.


Oh and BTW:
Today---My boys LOVE their YuGiOh cards....and all the swords,sell cards and dragons that come with them.



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