Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Camel feet and GOD!


This year I started using a new cirriculum called My Fathers World.

It is an amazing program that lets you homeschool MULTI-AGE children...easily.

Which means you teach Science, history, bible study, and geography ALL together.

A little like "Little House on the Prarie"....for each of those subjects-taking it to different levels for different ages.

The core subjects are done individually.

An AMAZING program ...especially for a family with "stair-step kids".

The first year you spend on Geography instead of history.

Which I think is a GREAT idea...I can't tell you how much I have learned this year!!! (I think we all know VERY LITTLE geography...be honest.)

The last few weeks we have been on the continent of ASIA...in the country of Saudi Arabia.( See you had NO IDEA what continent Saudi Arabia was on. LOL)


Which means we study ALL THINGS desert, camel,drought,sand,and heat.

Today, after coloring our map sheets and talking about the traditional dress of the Saudi Arabians.....we talked about camels.

We talked about the body of a camel and why GOD made him this magnificent way.

Perfect skin for the DESERT SUN.

3 rows of eyelashes...perfectly placed to keep out the sand.

Perfect pads on their "knees" ......already callused - from birth.

Humps on their backs ...perfectly situated to carry water and LOADS.


Wide, padded feet ...perfectly made to balance and NOT SINK in the desert sand.

So...to prove this point and add a visual...we did an experiment.



We got out 2 bowls and filled both with salt- to mimic the sand of the desert.


Then, talked about a camels feet and why they DON'T sink..


We talked about how because God made their feet WIDE they take up more surface area ..then if they were NOT SO WIDE.


Then we observed what would happen when you placed a smaller "foot" in the "sand".


As opposed to a WIDE, THICK "foot".


It was a fun, easy experiment which gave us the opportunity to discuss not only surface area, but also GOD'S INFINITE WISDOM.



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FunkyToadstool said...

home schooling, not an easy task! well done! this makes me want to start looking into it too! x