Thursday, February 17, 2011

The RULES...


I have learned a few things on this crazy parenthood journey.

I remember days, before kids, that I thought things like,
"I will NEVER spank MY kids!"


"I will ALWAYS be patient and NOT YELL!" how things have CHANGED.

4 kids and 10 years is safe to say I have CHANGED MY TUNE.

Over time I learned that I do not have the answers...

I cannot truly parent these kids without help.

I cannot shepeard their hearts in the right direction....if I don't KNOW the rules of the "game".

Luckily ...there IS a manual.



They are all neatly tucked into 1 book....the Bible.

Early on, I quickly learned that I would NEED some sort of knowledge.

A knowledge that goes FAR beyond, "I will NEVER...." and "I will ALWAYS.....".

I would need a WISDOM that goes WAY beyond anything I was capable of.

SO .....

I turned to GOD....and his book.

I learned that patience and LOVE were going to be required.

It would be REQUIRED reading.......forever.

And believe me...over the years I CANNOT tell you how MANY times I have had to use

Phillipians 2:14
14 Do everything without grumbling or arguing,

We use it DAILY around here...seriously we START school off by reciting this TOGETHER.


And I use it when Malachi is FREAKING OUT.

I have found that there is NOTHING like a warm bath and Phil 2:14.

It works wonders....

It calms the mind and the spirit.


Over time I have learned that SOMETIMES- RULES DO help....

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