Sunday, March 6, 2011

Assumptions..... LOL


What a joke.

"Is RASTA right for you?"

Like those answers can be found in a book...


Those answers can only come from searching your heart.

I am not saying that SOME answers can't be found in books.

FACTS come from books, and sometimes THOSE facts can lead you to THOSE ANSWERS. far as RASTAFARIANS-we are all different.

There are different types of Rastas..just like there are different types of Christians or Jews.

People find MANY different PATHS to faith.

I am not the JUDGE...
But-I find it funny that sometimes even people of FAITH judge their PEERS.

I used to. I used to do JUST that.

I am me. Rasta. Me.
The meaning of THAT has changed and shifted as my Faith has grown.
There was a time when I was the one who JUDGED.

I remember a time, early in my journey(10 years ago), that I was judgemental....I was the one.

There was one time when we were "hosting" a reggae artist form NYC and I had a SPECIFIC PRECONCEIVED notion about what a Rasta SHOULD BE.

To ME...A "REAL RASTA" would be certain things.
Ital was one of them.
"Ital" meaning: totally natural, vegatarian, NON-PROCESSED, NON-chemical.


I spent days gathering incense, fruit,nuts, and natural soap, shampoo and ALL KINDS of NATURAL, ORGANIC fruits and snacks.

I made a basket for him.
I "knew" him...I mean - I had heard about him, heard his music, LOVED his music, and developed a whole my head.
I "knew" him.

Then he actually got here.
He was amazing..everything I thought he would be.
And he was appreciative of EVERYTHNG we did for him.
One night when we went to the store he bought OREOS.

Processed, chemical-laden, food-colored..OREAS.

Off the shelf.
Not the Organic, health store immitation Oreos...but- OREAS.
I was SHOCKED say the least.

I had built him UP in my head to be someone SUPER-HUMAN.
Someone who was DIFFERENT form us.

As I sit here..that makes me laugh.

So Niave.
So, so, so, naive.

It was such an eye opener.
Such a lesson for me.

A lesson in LIFE.

We are who we are....WHATEVER that is.
My theory is...All you can do today is TRY and do better than you did yesterday. And LOVE one another.
No matter who YOU think someone else is.

I have also learned this thru THIS blog.

I have been contacted by 100's of people thru THIS BLOG or because of our "WIFE SWAP" adventure...and I am sure that each and everyone one of you has a PRECONCIEVED NOTION of who I am.

Well...I am here to say that I am ME.

I am a Rastafarian.
I love Christ also.
(surprised? See?)

I am not a vegetarian.
I eat fish and chicken.
SO what?

I have a drink ever now and again.
Like maybe today.

I have 4 kids.
They are sweet, cute, and I love them.
But ...sometime I yell.
And sometimes ...they get spanked.

I homeschool them...
and they have a schedule, a chore chart, and responsibilities. you can see there is ALWAYS more to the picture than what you see.
Always more to the story.

Trust Me.

And next time you THINK you know...ASK.

Im open ...and everchanging.

It's better than assuming something False.

I don't havee ALL the answers...but I may have SOME.



FunkyToadstool said...

lol! this and lots of other books over the years has been on my shelf at some point - just as interest as much as anything else. i am pagan, and i also do not follow all the so called 'rules' followed by people - i go by myself and how i feel, and how i always have. but i dont think there is anything wrong with people trying to gain knowledge (whether right or wrong) of others - basically, we are all what we want and feel comfortable with xx

Terra Howard said...

Amen. Thanks for the honesty.

Olivia said...

I like this post very much. I am glad that you are so honest and open with your religion and your life.

MommyMelissa said...

Great post! I had had no idea you had been on Wife Swap when I started reading your blog, but your posts have always been inspiring to me.

The only pre-conceived notion that I had was that you seemed like a really genuine person. You don't find a lot of people like that these days. I, for one, am someone who does NOT judge a book by its cover.

Keep doing what you're doing!

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