Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The FLOOD....of TRUTH.


It all started like this:

We live in an old home...an old elevated home.

OK...its a trailer.

But we live in Florida ...so it counts as a home.

Anyway...as in any old home sometimes things need to be fixed.

All kinds of things.

This time...it was the floor.

It was "spongy" ...as Jay called it.

It needed to be reinfoeced from the undernneath.

It was a problem that NEEDED to be fixed.

It is normal wear and tear...I mean our "raised house" is a 1975 model.

It was bound to hapen.

And GIVE THANKS that I dont have a "mamsy-pamsy" husband because this was not a "mamsy-pamsy" job.

THIS was a "put on your LONGJOHN CAMO jumpsuit, shoes, mask, and hat and crawl under the DARK house" kind of job.

NOT for the faint hearted.

He actually went 30 feet under the house with a light and tools and FIXED it from underneath...CRAZY.

But THIS is not the funny part...this is the BACKstory.


He spent 3 days under the house...making improvements.

An then he LEFT....for the evening.


Iasked Shasha to runa bath for me while I cooked dinner.

She DID.

And then..
I FORGOT....and there was a FLOOD.

Lets just say I FREAKED out when I walked into the hallway and stepped in a PUDDLE.

I think me EXACT WORDS were, "HELP ME!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!! NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

And of course the kids ALL come running and THROW TOWELS at me.

I mean they throw EVERY towel at me.


So for the rest of the evening we dried water and shifted fans.

and washed towels.


And after things had "calmed down" and my blood pressure went down...
I said to the kids, "Hey guys...we don't have to tell Dad RIGHT AWAY about this. He just worked REALLY HARD under the house and I think it might hurt his feelings. So...lets just let it be."

They all looked at me wide-eyed and surprised..."So you DONT WANT US TO TELL DAD??????"

"No...I didn't say THAT. I said that let's not run up to him FIRST THING in the morning and say, "Mommy flooded the bathroom!!!"....Lets give it a minute."

They seemed ok with that...I felt ok with that.


I was getting ready for work the other day and Zeek had been at the recording studio with Jay.

When they got home I said, "Zeek..how was it?? Cool?"

He said, "Dad told me to say, "There were more girls in bikinis there than I had ever seen!!!" But I didnt want to say THAT!!"

Then Jay walked up and said, "Zeek...You weren't supposed to tell her that I TOLD YOU to say that...you were just supposed to SAY THAT."

It was a plan devised to get a RISE out of me...LOL.
Foiled by Zeeks affinity for the TRUTH.

My reply was , "Aww...sweet boy you always tell the TRUTH. You will always tell Mama the TRUTH right?"

I was so proud. Sweet boy. TRUTHFUL, sweet boy.

Then without a thought he said to ME....
"Yep, I am. And I am going to tell Dad about the FLOOD!!!"

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He ran off before I could say ANYTHING...
I couldn't stop laughing. and kneeled down in my bathroom tucked behind a wall because I KNEW.

I KNEW that Jay was comming.

And when I finally came out from my hiding place....
there stood Jay..with a HUGE smile on his face.


I guess the TRUTH is the TRUTH.
And sometimes it comes JUST LIKE A FLOOD.

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