Friday, July 13, 2012


“Who we were "then" doesn't define who we are "now".
We are ALL grateful for this.
Love you, girlie.”

That was the private message I got the other day…after a Facebook thread  of over 700 comments kept quite a few of my high school friends laughing ALL NIGHT LONG a few days ago.

There were so many comments and memories being sifted thru on that one thread.

I was amazed by how much everyone remembered!!!

There were tales of long gone teachers(whose sexuality is now questioned), and locker room envies(of which I knew nothing about).

Stories of old Christmas plays and round the block bullies.

Crazy Cafeteria clowns and 5th grade election promises.


It made me start to think of some of the crazy, stupid things I have done in my past.

And when I mean CRAZY and STUPID….

I mean MORE CRAZY AND STUPID than you can imagine.

It made me feel the sting of THAT life.

I remembered some things that I didn’t really WANT to remember.


The heaviness of those memories has been with me for days.

They flooded me actually.

They crept in and settled.

I figure that is the penance I pay right?

Because the way I figure it…..

Forgiveness is earned.

Step by step.

Decision by decision.

Thought by thought.

That life, those memories for me are like  a scarlet letter….

Always worn on my heart.

Well Earned Daily.

Forgiveness is a MIRACULOUS thing.

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